Program category Provider-developed
Program provider Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation
Program title Youth Explorer Voyage
Program code PLYEV
Program description Leeuwin Ocean Adventure offers a unique opportunity for students in Years 10 - 12 to participate in true adventure, sailing for 5 - 10 days on Australia's largest sail-training tall ship, STS Leeuwin II. Youth Explorer Voyages provide up to forty students at any one time the opportunity to work together to learn and develop skills and be an active member of a team. A micro-community forms in which each voyage participant's learning needs are supported. On board, participants experience the vastness of the natural environment, sail through the night and climb to the top of the ship's tallest mast in the company of new friends in a unique, totally new environment. Providing students with responsible risk-taking and exhilarating adventure, a Leeuwin voyage is a positive learning and developmental environment. The voyage encourages participants to focus on their well-being and work on skills which will prepare them for future employment and community involvement, including problem-solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising while bilding their self-esteem and social confidence. The voyage experience supports young people to set personal goals and develop skills which are transferable back into their homes, schools and future workplaces.
Endorsed to 2024
Achievement descriptors Achieved (A); Two programs achieved (2); Three programs achieved (3); Not achieved (N); Withdrawn (W)
Unit equivalents 1
Maximum programs 3
Open/limited Open to all schools
Program contact details Ms Carol Shannon
Chief Executive Officer
Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation
B Berth, Victoria Quay
Phone: 9430 4105
WA Contact
Name: Ms Michelle Reidy-Crofts
Phone: 9430 4105